our video production services

what we've got to offer

We offer a full range of services that cater for everything from script to screen and everything in-between. From initial concept through to distribution, whether you are looking for a full scale corporate video production, a simple piece to camera or a viral video for the web, we can support all of your requirements.

creative film development

Whether you have a target audience and don’t know how to reach them, or a full blown idea all mapped out, we can help. After all we are a creative film company, meaning we’ll spend the time getting to know you, your business and your objectives for the project. We can work with you to get the best from your budget and can develop creative concepts for you from scratch. We have some amazing in-house script writers and creative thinkers, and we’re well known for coming up with astounding creative concepts that really deliver.

Ideas, storyboarding, scripting and casting are all part a big part of what we are about, working to create films that wow your audience and meet your goals. We know how to marry creativity with technology in order to achieve the best results, and will engage with you throughout the creative process.

film production

Film production is a complex process; there are a huge range of both logistical and creative considerations to be taken into account. And Productions have a broad range of experience when it comes to the production process. Our crew have the technical knowledge and understanding to ensure a smooth process, whilst our creative input and commercial knowledge can ensure you get the desired results from your project. Whether you are looking for a short web viral, a corporate DVD, event coverage, live web streaming, TV commercial or something that’s part of an integrated product launch, And Productions can support your project large or small. We use the latest in film technology and have a broad range of industry resource to hand.

video viral marketing

And Productions are experts in Viral Marketing. We can offer full consultancy and fulfilment when it comes to getting your film ‘out there’, in front of your audience. We don’t believe in simply, ‘handing it over’ (unless you want us too, of course), and will work with you every step of the way to ensure you reach your target market.

Video appeals to all audiences. The majority of us want to ‘see something’ before we are ready to ‘read something’. In the context of internet marketing, video can be used to instantly engage the consumer experience by teaching the viewer about products or services, putting a face to the company, and building on a company’s branding. A video that clearly ‘shows off’ a product or service sets off emotional triggers that text alone cannot do, ultimately influencing buying decisions.

There are vast benefits to video marketing. The more outlets you use, for example: your own website, YouTube, affiliate websites, other video platforms and social networking sites, the more customers you will reach and engage. Have a look at our Blog to find out more.